By Eleanor Duxbury

Another entry in our Write Across Sussex competition.

As Tanya tottered out of the Coliseum at two in the morning feeling rather poorly there was only one thing on her mind. Cat food. Most specifically, how was she going to get any at this time? She didn’t even own a cat.

Tanya vaguely remembered the beginning of the evening. She and her best mate Sharon had decided to have a girls’ night out to celebrate or mourn depending on your point of view the ending of Sharon’s relationship with live in boyfriend Jack. Celebrate in Tanya’s view was the right word – she had a low opinion of Jack whom she thought the meanest man on the planet. She’d never seen him buy Sharon anything not even a mouldy bunch of flowers. Mourn was Sharon’s view who thought the sun shone out of Jack’s fundament. Anyway, a two –for- the- price -of -one dinner in some pub or other in the High Street followed by free drinks (they knew the barman) in a trendy small bar.

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